You say: “Why are you so against the mind?” …OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

You say:


The real master will always disappoint you. He has to disappoint you. This is how, slowly slowly, chunks of your mind will be broken off and taken away from you. I have to continuously hammer you, and I have to be absolutely clear about it from the very beginning.


The purpose is that you have to know clearly that it is you who have to be unconditionally in accord with me, and that you have to drop all expectations of my being in accord with you. Only then can the work start. Those who are ready for it, sannyas is only for them. Those who are not ready for it, sannyas helps them to run away, to get lost.


You say: "Why are you so against the mind?"


I am not against the mind, I am simply stating the fact — what the mind is. If you see what the mind is, you will drop it. When I say, "Drop the mind," I am not against the mind. I am simply making it clear to you what the mind is, what it has done to you, how it has become a bondage.And it is not a question of using it or abusing it. Mind itself is the problem, not its use or abuse. And remember, you cannot use the mind till you know how to be without the mind. Only people who know how to be without the mind are capable of using the mind; otherwise the mind uses them. It is the mind that is using you. But mind is very clever, it goes on deceiving you. It goes on saying, "You are using me."It is mind that is using you. You are being used; the mind has become the master of you, you are a slave. But the mind is very clever, it goes on buttressing you. It says, "I am just an instrument, you are the master." But watch, look into the mechanism of the mind, how it goes on using you. You think you are using it. You can use it only when you know that you are separate from it; otherwise how will you use it? You are identified with it.If you say "I am a Christian," you are identified with the Christian mind. If you say "I am a Hindu," you are identified with the Hindu mind. If you say "I am German," you are identified with the German mind. This identification has to be broken.


You have to know that you are not the mind. And only in moments when the mind is not functioning — when you are unoccupied, when there is a gap, stillness, silence, when the mind has ceased — will you be able to know who you are, to know yourself as consciousness. Then you can use the mind.I am using the mind, Brandt, you are not using the mind. So how can I be against the mind? I am not against the mind. I may appear to be, but the whole effort is to disconnect you from the mind so that you can know your separation from it, your freedom.


Once you know your freedom, you can use the mind. Then it is a beautiful instrument, one of the most beautiful instruments. Man has not yet been able to make something better. Even the biggest computer, the most efficient computer, is not yet capable of doing the things that the mind can do. A single mind can contain all the libraries of the world. It is tremendous to think of the powers of the mind.


But because those powers are great, there is danger also: they can overpower you. That's what has happened: because the mind is such a beautiful, powerful instrument, you have become possessed by it. You cannot use it any more. It uses you, it directs you, it gives you programs. It goes on goading you in directions which it has decided to follow. It does not allow you any freedom, it does not leave you any choice. Unless it is convinced, it won't allow you to move even a single inch.


So who is the master? You cannot be the master unless you have come to know that you are not identified with the mind.?