The second center is SVADHISTHAN….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

The second center is SVADHISTHAN....

The second center is SVADHISTHAN. When the child is healthy, happy, his body is whole, he starts dominating. A desire to dominate arises in the child, the child becomes a politician. He starts smiling at people because he comes to know that if you smile, people come under your influence. He starts crying, screaming, because he comes to know that by crying and screaming you can manipulate your mother, your father, your family. Once the child's physical needs are fulfilled, a new need arises that is a VITAL need: to dominate. That too is again an effort to bring a unity — the unity between the dominated and the dominator.

Whenever you dominate somebody you become, in a certain way, one with him. Whenever somebody surrenders to you, or you surrender to somebody, you become one in a certain way. Hence, all over the world, people try to dominate each other — wives trying to dominate husbands, husbands trying to dominate wives, parents trying to dominate children, children trying to dominate parents, in their own ways. The whole world tries to dominate. If you understand rightly, that too is a search for unity.

Whenever you have defeated a person and you have become the possessor, you have absorbed the person into your being. His vitality has been absorbed, his vital energy has become one with you. This aperture is a little bigger than the first — more opening. A person who is food-obsessed is more closed than the person who is power-obsessed — at least he moves to others. In his life he will have a certain type of relationship — not very good, because the relationship of domination cannot be very good, it is violent to begin with, aggressive, ugly — but still some sort of relationship.

The politicians live in this second center. The gluttons live in the first, the politicians live in the second, and then there is the third — MANIPURA: male and female want to meet, to become one. In the Bible it is said: God created Adam in his own image. Now one thing has to be understood. Adam must have been both, Adam must have been Adam AND Eve — otherwise Eve could not be taken out of Adam. In the original Hebrew, the wording is such that it explains it clearly: God created Adam-Eve in one being. The original being created was neither man nor woman: he was both. He was neither he nor she, he was both; he was a unity. Only out of that unity could he take the separate woman.

If you ask the scientists, they say that when the child grows in the mother's womb, for a few months he is neither male nor female: he is both. By and by, distinctions arise; by and by, he becomes either a male or a female. The original cell, amoeba, is both male and female — it is not yet divided. So to say that God created Adam is not good. My own suggestion is: God created Adam-Eve. I make one word out of both. God created Adam-Eve, and then later on he divided them into two. With that division, a great desire to meet with the other has arisen.