Third chakra — MANIPURA….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Third chakra -- MANIPURA....

Each man is seeking a woman, each woman is seeking a man. We are seeking the opposite, the polar opposite. Without the other, it seems something is lacking; without the other, life seems to be unfulfilled; without the other, it seems you are half, not whole. Hence, so much hankering for love — to love and to be loved. This is the third chakra — MANIPURA: the need for the male and the female to meet and become one.

As far as the lower nature is concerned, this is the highest center. In the lowest three centers, sex is the highest center. The gluttons only hoard; they are the ugliest people in the world. They never share — the misers, the rich, the hoarders, the exploiters. Better than them are the politicians — they at least relate.

But they are dangerous too, because their relationship is that of domination. Their whole language is inhuman. They don't know any human relationship; they know war, they know violence, they know aggression. Their whole effort is to become so dominant that everybody is absorbed in them. That's what Alexander the Great is doing, that's what Adolf Hitler is doing — better than the first, at least they relate. They relate wrongly, but at least they relate.

The first relates only with things — money, food, house, car. The second relates with persons. His relationship is not yet worthy, but still it is a relationship — rudimentary, the very beginning, very primitive — but still a relationship. The third is the relationship of sex, of two lovers: poets, artists, painters, they exist with the third center — the aesthetic.

The third is the highest in the lower centers — one starts sharing. And if you love a person, you don't want to dominate. Remember it: if you want to dominate, your love is contaminated by the second center — it is not yet love. If you really love, you want freedom for yourself and you want freedom for your beloved too.

Love frees, gives independence — because the beauty of love is only when it is out of freedom. It is not a domination, it is a sharing, a responsible sharing; you are happy in sharing your energies. But this too is not yet human; animals can do it, are doing it very well — better than human beings. But the search is going higher.

When a man and a woman really meet and the orgasm happens, you will have the first glimpse, faraway glimpse, of the divine. Hence the attraction of sex, hence the deep desire for sexual orgasm, because the one is reflected in it — only for a moment, maybe not even for a moment, for a split second… just a passing glimpse… but God passes by.
The food addict is very far away — not even a glimpse. The power addict is very ugly, very aggressive, very much in turmoil — the glimpse is not possible. With a deep sexual love affair, God can have the first penetration in you.

The first ray of samadhi enters into sexual orgasm. In fact, man came to think about samadhi only because of sexual orgasm — becoming aware of that moment of benediction when two persons meet so deeply that they dissolve into each other, that their boundaries are no more their boundaries, that somehow in a miraculous way the start throbbing from one center, that they are not two hearts, that they are not two breathing bodies, they become one. A rhythm arises, they fall in tune with each other. And the rhythm is so tremendous, so powerful, dat they both are lost in that rhythm, they both are surrendered into it.

Remember, with the second center you try to make somebody else surrender to you, and the other tries to make you surrender to him. In the third center you both surrender to something that is beyond you both. You both surrender to the god of love. You both surrender to the orgasmic unity of sex energy: in that surrender, you both are effaced. For a single moment, you are Adam and Eve together.

And the Bible says: God created in his own image. When Adam and Eve REALLY meet, the image of God is reflected again in the pool of your consciousness. Your lake of consciousness reflects the moon of God… still it is far away, but the first glimpse has entered in you.

MULADHAR is material, the first center. SVADHISTHAN, the second center, is vital. The third, MANIPURA, is psychosomatic; it is the highest unity of the lower world — momentary of course, but still of tremendous significance.