To meditate means… on what? …OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

To meditate means... on what? ...

The person who does not believe in anything can simply move beyond thoughts; the person who believes clings to thinking, because his belief is a thought.

Belief is part of the mind! If you believe too much in God you cannot leave the mind, because leaving the mind will mean, obviously, leaving your belief The man who cannot believe is in a better situation.

You should be happy that you cannot believe in God. So far, so good! Now meditate.

And remember, the English word 'meditate' gives a wrong connotation. In English there is no word really which can translate the word DHYANA. From DHYANA the word arose in China, CH'AN, and that CH'AN moved to Japan and became Zen, but the root is DHYANA.

When we use the word 'meditation' it gives a feeling that you are meditating UPON something. To meditate means… on what? You have to have some object. And that is the problem. DHYANA simply means it is not a question of focusing, concentrating on something; rather, it is dropping all contents of the mind and just being. Meditation in the sense of DHYANA needs no object; it is an objectless, contentless state of consciousness. You go on dropping — NETI, NETI, neither this nor that — you go on rejecting all thoughts, good and bad. When all thoughts are eliminated what is left? — that is you, and that is God.

But what you call it does not matter. You can call it God if the word appeals to you; if it doesn't appeal to you you can call it NIRVANA, YOU can call it Tao, or whatever. But don't be worried about it, that you can't believe in God. It is good. This is my approach: if somebody says, "I believe in God," I say, "It is good. Now let us start from there, that will do." If somebody says, "I don't believe in God," I say, "It is good. Now let us start from there."

You have to start from the point where you are. And all points are good, because all points are on the circumference and from every point on the circumference the center is available. So move towards the center, don't be worried about where you are.