You simply watch. Remember, simply watch. Don’t make an effort to watch…..OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

You simply watch. Remember, simply watch. Don't make an effort to watch.....

Sit silently; listen to all that is happening all around, and relax; accept, relax — and suddenly you will feel immense energy arising in you.

Your breath is going deeper than ever. Relax more and the breath goes deeper in you. It becomes slow, rhythmic, and you can almost enjoy it; it gives a certain delight. Then you will become aware that breath is the bridge between you and the whole. Just watch. Don't do anything.

You simply watch. Remember, simply watch. Don't make an effort to watch. This is what Buddha has called VIPASSANA — the watching of the breath, awareness of the breath — remembering, being alert of the life energy that moves in breath. Don't try to take deep breaths, don't try to inhale or exhale, don't do anything. You simply relax and let the breathing be natural — going on its own, coming on its own — and many things will become available to you.

Suddenly you see breathing as a happening… and this is how meditation should grow. And this you can do anywhere, in the marketplace also, And if you listen silently, even in the marketplace you will see a certain harmony. You can see many things if you are silent — tremendous waves of energy moving all around. Once you accept, wherever you go you will feel.