Your celebration will bring you closer to existence….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Your celebration will bring you closer to existence....

I am a very ordinary man, as ordinary as you are.
But I am celebrating myself.

I celebrate myself, I sing myself.

And I can remind you that you can also celebrate yourself,
and you can also sing yourself.

And if an ordinary man like me can celebrate,
that should give you a great joy
because you can also celebrate
you need not be special.

You can ALSO be enlightened without walking on water.

If you understand, you will be rejoiced in me
because a man just like you has become a celebration.

It is a great promise: you can also become one.

Nothing special is needed.
All that is needed is already with you.
You just have to be reminded.
A True Master is nothing but a reminding.

Your celebration will bring you closer to existence,
because existence is in constant celebration.
Your joy, your blissfulness, your silence,
will bring the silences of the stars and the sky;
your peace with existence will open the doors of all the mysteries it contains.
There is no other way to become enlightened.