Your small heart is bigger than the whole universe….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Your small heart is bigger than the whole universe....

If you can suffer your suffering in totality, in great intensity, you will be surprised, You will not be able to believe it when it happens for the first time,
that your own suffering absorbed willingly, welcomingly, becomes a great blessing.

The same energy that becomes hate becomes love, the same energy that becomes pain becomes pleasure, the same energy that becomes suffering becomes bliss.
But start with your own self.

Make a small experiment with your own pains, sufferings and miseries. And once you have found the key, then you can share it with the whole existence. Then you can take all the suffering of all the world, or all the worlds.

Ride on the incoming breath and your small heart is bigger than the whole universe, if you know what miracles it can do. And then pour out your blessings. It is the same energy passing through your heart that becomes bliss, that becomes a blessing.

Then let blessings go riding on the outgoing breath to all the nooks and corners of existence.