There is no question of doing good or doing bad; whatsoever one does is good…..OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

There is no question of doing good or doing bad; whatsoever one does is good.....

We just have to learn how to listen. It is a still small voice in the heart. If the mind is too full of noise you will not be able to hear it. Once the mind is silent, that still small voice arises.

And it is absolutely clear, with no hesitation, with no wavering. It leaves no alternatives; it is not a question of choice, it is very decisive. One simply has to do it, there is nothing else that can be done.

But we don't hear it — our minds are in such turmoil, the traffic noise of the thoughts is so much.

The guide is not outside, the guide is within you. One has to go deeper into one's own being to find God and the guide. Once the inner guide is found there are no more mistakes, no repentance, no guilt.

There is no question of doing good or doing bad; whatsoever one does is good. It is not a question of morality either; one's very being is good and whatsoever comes out of it is good.

One walks in light and one walks lightly because the head and the burden of the head is no more there. And when one walks in light and walks lightly, life becomes laughter, love, joy.

Until the inner guide is found, a master is needed. Once the guide is found, you have found the master within yourself.

The master is there simply to say something to you which is being said by your heart already. But you cannot hear it so it has to be said from the outside, because we can listen to something from the outside more easily than to something that comes from the inside.

The master outside is just a representation of the guide within. So the inner guide and the outer master are not two phenomena; they speak the same language.

Surrendering to the master is really surrendering to your own inner guide, because the outer master functions only as an echoing point, as a mirror: he reflects you.

He makes things clear which are not clear to you, that's all. He simply says loudly that which is being said by your heart silently. He magnifies the still small voice.