Trust cannot be forced; jealousy tries to force it….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Trust cannot be forced; jealousy tries to force it....

There are two ways of discovery. One is meditation — without the other you search for the depth; another is love — with the other you search for the depth. He becomes a root to reach to yourself. The other creates a circle, and both lovers help each other.

The deeper love goes, the deeper they feel they are; their inner-beings are revealed. But then there is no jealousy. Love cannot be jealous, it is impossible. Love is always trusting, and if something happens that breaks your trust you have to accept it; nothing can be done about it because whatsoever you do will destroy the other.

Trust cannot be forced; jealousy tries to force it. Jealousy tries, makes you make every effort so that trust can be maintained, but trust is not something to be maintained. It is there, or it is not there, and I say that nothing can be done about it. If it is there, you go through it; if it is not there, better separate.

But don't fight for it because you are wasting time, life. If you love someone and your depth speaks to the other's depth — you have a meeting in being — it is okay, beautiful; if it is not happening, separate. But don't create any conflict, struggle
or fight for it, because it cannot be achieved through fight, and time is lost — and not only time, your capacity will be damaged. You may start again with another person repeating the whole pattern.

If there is no trust, separate — the sooner, the better — so you are not destroyed, so you are not damaged, so your capacity to love remains fresh and you can love somebody else. This is not the place, this is not the man, this is not the woman for you. Move, but don't destroy each other.

Life is very short and capacities are very delicate. They can be destroyed, and once damaged there is no possibility of repairing them.

As far as love is concerned, so much is to be done for everyone and so little time is left to do it. Don't waste your energy in fighting, jealousy, conflict; move, and move in a friendly way.

Search somewhere else for the person who exists who will love you. Don't get fixed with someone who is wrong, not for you. Don't be angry, there is no point in it, and don't try to force trust; nobody can force it, it never happens. You will miss the time, you will miss the energy, and you may only become aware when nothing can be done. Move. Either trust or move.

Love always trusts, or if it finds that the trust is not possible it simply moves in a friendly way; there is no conflict and fight.

Sex creates jealousy; find, discover love. Don't make sex the basic thing — it is not.